Fur Trappers Steakhouse & Bar

When you are sitting lakeside, you probably don't want to sacrifice a great meal just to be in the beauty of nature. Enter Fur Trappers Steakhouse and Bar. It's located conveniently on the north shore of Vallecito Lake close to Elk Point Lodge. You can enjoy beautiful views of the lake no matter the season at Fur Trappers. 

The decor there is a beautiful throwback to days gone by in the fur trapping era and they've worked to bring the tastes of that time to life in their menu. 

The menu at Fur Trappers steakhouse leaves no one disappointed with a full menu of prime cuts of meat as well as seafood and a large salad bar. They are also the perfect choice in the area for all your event catering needs. Entrees are affordably-priced with options up to $30.

For reservations and additional information, check their website.